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Welcome to #Griffsnuff-Fans!


Hello there and welcome to Griffsnuff-Fans! c:
This group is dedicated to amazing artist called griffsnuff! Her work is absolutely gorgeous, full of imagination~

Please read the rules carefully!


~You can submit ONLY things dedicated to griffsnuff and her OCs!
~ Featured folder is only for griffsnuff's art!
~No rude comments!
~No spamming!
~No swearing!
~No fighting around!
~Respect everyone!
~Be kind and enjoy!


Now when you know the rules, maybe you want to know which fursona Snuff has. c:

INFO ABOUT griffsnuff'S SONA

Ultimate snuffen reffsheet by griffsnuff

Snuffen is a species called Draco Lurvus. It's a mix between a dragon, a fox and a crow. Snuffen is female! Her age is unknown.
She loves to steal hats and fruits. She's made on 3.October 2008.
Snuffen's neck contains feathers and the foxlike fur is covering her body. Snuffen's legs and tail contain scales.
Snuffen has wings. She's able to make them appear and disappear when she wants. Sometimes her wings are only black. She's got not any problems with flying 'cause her body is light with hollow bones.
There's also Hypersnuff. When Snuffen got excited or hyper, she changes her body color to blue and purple tones. This mode makes her magical powers even stronger!
Snuffen also has a Seasonal Changes. That means that she changes trough the seasons.
In Fall, Snuffen has got a leaf marking on her back. The more dead leaves she collects, the brighter the marking gets.
In Winter, Snuffen is one big fluffball. Her fur turns really light and white. She usually sleeps or chases fish around on frozen lakes and rivers.
In Spring, Snuffen's coat is simple. She smells lots of flowers and has a lot of fun.
In Summer, Snuffen is much more active and much more magical! And she's really hyper in Summer.


We love you, griffsnuff~ <3

Colorfull snuffen by griffsnuff :icongriffsnuff: Winter by griffsnuff

Gallery Folders

Namu Griffsnuff Style by Nakumah
Astrid by griffsnuff
Marcas by griffsnuff
calm by griffsnuff
Happy Barfday 8D by Fantomte
HAPPY BIRTHDAY! by Magicalywild
hhHHhhHHHh by Fantomte
CE: Did you eat the glowy mushrooms Snuffen? by celvista
-Griffsnuff's Other Animal OCs-
Binus by Karaikou
GF - A peach by WizzDono
HAHAHAHA Nope. by Avaruusvanukas
GF - Nils by WizzDono
-Griffsnuff's Human OCs-
Griff Gift by Luifex
Tina And Snuffen by Griffkat
Griffsnuff's Really Awesome Fanart by ShimooFox
Chasing butterflies - Doodle 3 by LiticaHarmony
Hi I just met you by Felixcani
Hi, it's Flow
So I've recently noticed how inactive this account is like seriously, at the moment I'm the only active co-founder. And nobody has commented on this account since May. M.A.Y
So guys come on pleeeeeaaaaaaassssseeeee! Let's make more Griff art and make this group active again!
I'll try to do some sort of event soon :/
More Journal Entries


We will affiliate with any other griffsnuff related groups~ :la:

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Group Activity


Griffsnuff icon Original! by griffsnuff

I, Nivei, decided to make this fanclub for griffsnuff 'cause she's an amazing artist and I haven't noticed any fanclubs for her, so yea. o3o
For now, please, do NOT ask to become an admin!

By the way, hats are awesome! :dummy:...And they taste good. ouo

Our points account - :icongriffsnuff-fans-pts:
Any donation will help us to become a super group whit much more awesomeness!
Thank you very much~







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